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with Steve Clemons

Steve Clemons

Principals cuts through the chatter and the noise to reveal the biggest stories in Washington from and about its central players. A serious insider's guide to American power, for Washington and the world, from Steve and the team.

Every weekday morning
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with Liz Hoffman

Liz Hoffman

Follow the money — and the memes — with Liz Hoffman and Bradley Saacks as they scour the fast-changing landscape of global business and finance. They'll deliver insights into how people are working, where money is flowing and how key players are upending the industry.

2x per week on Tue and Thu
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with Reed Albergotti

Reed Albergotti

Technology has reshaped the world for two decades. Now there's a high-stakes global struggle underway between visions of the industry — open or closed, centralized or decentralized. Reed Albergotti and Louise Matsakis reveal the ideas, people, and power at the center of it.

2x per week on Wed and Fri
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Net Zero

with Tim McDonnell

Tim McDonnell reports at the global intersection of climate policy, energy and geopolitics. This weekly newsletter will reveal the riveting and complex questions at the heart of the highest-stakes issue in the world.

2x per week on Wed and Fri
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with Yinka Adegoke

Yinka Adegoke

Keep on top of Africa’s most-important stories and analysis from a rapidly growing continent with Yinka Adegoke and Alexis Akwagyiram. They dig into everything from political upheaval and China’s growing influence to a cultural renaissance and innovative startups. Receive the Africa newsletter three times each week.

2x per week on Mon and Thurs
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with David Weigel

David Weigel

The definitive chronicle of America’s fast-changing political landscape. David Weigel reports from all 50 states on the high-stakes contest for power, twice a week.

2x per week on Tue and Fri
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with Ben Smith

Ben Smith

We live in a media age, in which old and new media intersect constantly with power, politics, technology and global affairs. Semafor's editor-in-chief and media columnist Ben Smith and media reporter Max Tani reveal the hidden stories behind the news, in a weekly email.

1x per week on Sun
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with Jay Solomon

Jay Solomon plunges into the rapidly evolving global security scene of ever-growing threats, both invisible and in plain sight. Twice a week, Semafor Security examines how security, geopolitics, business and technology are colliding to alter life for those in the U.S., Ukraine, China and all over the world.

2x per week on Mon and Thurs