About Semafor

In this new interconnected world, journalism needs to deliver common facts to divergent audiences. Our biggest stories, and greatest crises, are now global: from climate change to pandemics, rising inequality to supply chain disruption, political instability to the influence of social media. Yet global trust in the media is at an all-time low. A new moment requires new thinking.

Enter Semafor. The world’s first news platform designed to meet the moment we are in. Providing audiences with an unparalleled level of journalistic transparency through innovative new forms, cutting through the noise of the news cycle with smart, distilled views and exploring competing perspectives across borders for a curious, new global audience.

Join us and make sense of a complex world with a news source you can trust.

The Semafor Approach

Transparent News

We’re exposing the architecture of our original journalism in an effort to rebuild trust from our audience. Our “Semaform” structure makes clear the lines between facts, analysis, opinion, counter-narratives, and global perspectives.

Distilled Views

Single sources can’t always capture the complexity of a story, and part of consuming the news is understanding diverse perspectives on the same facts. Our original journalism will be paired with distilled news, analysis, and opinion from a global range of sources.

Global Perspectives

We’re a global news company at birth. We believe that informed citizens of every country need to understand what drives decisions, actions, culture and power beyond their own borders.


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Leadership Team

Justin B. Smith

Co-Founder & CEO

Justin is the former CEO of Bloomberg Media. He was previously President of Atlantic Media where he led The Atlantic's revitalization and founded Quartz. Prior to The Atlantic, Justin served as President of The Week, and led global corporate strategy at The Economist Group. He is a Henry Crown Fellow, co-Founder of Breaking Media and a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Ben Smith

Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Ben is the former media columnist of the New York Times. He was previously the founding editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed News. Ben has covered American politics for more than a decade at Politico and the New York Daily News, among other outlets, and launched a number of political blogs.

Yinka Adegoke

Africa Editor

Alexis Akwagyiram

Managing Editor, Africa

Reed Albergotti

Technology Editor

Gina Chon

Business & Technology Editor

Gina Chua

Executive Editor

Steve Clemons


Kellen Henry

Head of Product

Liz Hoffman

Business & Finance Editor

Al Lucca

Head of Design

Tasneem Nashrulla

Breaking News Editor

Rachel Oppenheim

Chief Revenue Officer

Meera Pattni

Head of Global Communications

Joe Posner

Head of Video

Prashant Rao

Senior Editor

Benjy Sarlin

Washington Bureau Chief

Garett Wiley

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Wilkie

Head of Engineering