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Upcoming Events

December 12, 2022

11 AM – 4 PM ET

901 F St. NW, Washington DC 20004

Semafor Africa Summit

On the margins of the US-Africa Leaders Summit, Semafor is convening African and American leaders, business chiefs, innovators, entrepreneurs, and civil society leaders for discussions on topics including regional and global economic priorities, technology, health, climate, and sustainable progress across the continent.

Past Events

November 18

Media, Government & A Healthy Democracy

On Nov. 18 Semafor's third forum on the future of news convened current and former White House Press secretaries and advisors, political correspondents, and lawmakers to examine the relationship between news media and government in a healthy democracy.

September 22

Semafor Exchange with Meta's Nick Clegg

On September 22, Semafor's Editor-at-Large Steve Clemons interviewed Nick Clegg, Meta's President of Global Affairs on whether Facebook would allow former president Donald Trump back on its platform, the roles and responsibilities of the global tech industry, misconceptions about data and the internet, social media and the upcoming elections and more.

September 7

Politics 2022: Reporting Washington

On September 7, Semafor engaged senior journalists about covering politics and government in an age of low trust and increasing polarization, where political norms are under intense pressure and social media has helped turn rival parties into mutually hostile identities.

July 7, 2022

Signal & Noise: Trust and Polarization in News

On July 7, Semafor's first pre-launch event convened leading actors and commentators in the contemporary battle over the nature of news, and asked whether and how news can operate in a hyper-polarized landscape.