Aug 30, 2023, 7:17am EDT

Gallup: Support for unions at historic highs


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A new survey from Gallup finds that 67% of adults approve of labor unions while a record 61% of respondents say they help the economy.

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Both of these numbers are way up from their 21st century lows after the Great Recession, when respondents blamed organized labor for the auto industry’s struggles and Republican governors fought pitched battles with public sector unions. United Auto Workers is currently threatening a strike and Gallup finds the public inclined to support them: 75% of respondents say they sympathize with the union more than the auto companies. Ditto for the striking screenwriters (72% support) and actors (67%) who seem to be winning their PR war against the studios. Only 14% of respondents say they live in a household with a union member, however, tied for the lowest percentage this century.