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Here's a first look at a Covid vaccine factory made entirely out of shipping containers

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German vaccine manufacturer BioNTech said it has completed the construction of its first mobile COVID-19 vaccine factory, made from shipping containers and called the ‘BioNtainer.’

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The first BioNtainer is expected to arrive in the Rwandan capital of Kigali in the first quarter of 2023, where it will produce thousands of mRNA vaccines for people still waiting to get vaccinated across the African continent.


BioNTech said the Rwandan facility will be part of a future network of factories that will span African nations. According to the World Health Organization, this new innovation will help boost global COVID-19 vaccine access.

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The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention says only 26.8% of the African continent is currently fully vaccinated, and most people have been inoculated with Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine.