Updated Dec 15, 2022, 2:28pm EST
North America

Trump’s “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT” was an NFT line, and the money won’t go to his campaign


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The News

Donald Trump’s “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT” that he teased Wednesday turned out to be a digital collection of $99 NFTs, though the proceeds aren’t going toward his presidential reelection bid.

The former president announced the “Trump Digital Trading Cards” in an infomercial-like video Thursday. The cards depict him as Superman, a soldier, a wrestler, a football player, and other personas.

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The Reaction

After anticipating more significant news from Trump’s “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT,” some prominent right-wing voices criticized the NFT news that followed.

Former Republican Congressional candidate Robby Starbuck said that “teasing NFT cards as a major announcement is not the kind of fight people want to see now. These are dark times. Love the guy but this turns many off.”

And Ben Shapiro, the right-wing podcast host and commentator, mocked the announcement.


The low quality of the edited photos was also widely panned.

And the White House played off of Trump’s news, with President Biden tweeting that he’s “had some MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS the last couple of weeks, too,” followed by a list of recent policy and political victories.

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Know More

The money generated from the NFTs won’t go to Trump’s campaign, the website states. Rather, it’s a private enterprise run by a company called “NFT INT LLC,” which has a license to use Trump’s likeness and image but is “not owned, managed or controlled” by Trump or the Trump Organization.

Trump said people who buy the NFTs will be entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to meet him at Mar-A-Lago among other prizes. Those who buy 45 NFTs “get a guaranteed ticket” to attend a gala dinner with Trump.

“Buy one and you will join a very exclusive community. It’s my community,” Trump said in the announcement video.