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Rwanda can't be 'bullied' into choosing between US and China: President Kagame

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Title iconThe News

Rwandan President Paul Kagame pushed back against foreign policy that would force his country to choose between strengthening economic ties either with the United States or China.

"I don't think we need to be bullied into making choices between U.S. and China," Kagame said during a panel at Semafor's Africa Summit on Wednesday.

Title iconWhat he Said

Kagame acknowledged that both the U.S. and China play a
"systemic" role in the development of Africa, saying that both countries' contributions toward economic and infrastructure projects helps Rwanda.

"I think we need to have both and others as partners in as far as that they also respect and understand that we have something to contribute," he said.

He added that the two countries need to settle their disputes in a diplomatic way in order for all state actors to benefit from the economic opportunities Rwanda and Africa have to offer.

"Whatever is going on between the China and the U.S., and then that being brought to Africa, is something that we should treat carefully ourselves," Kagame said.