Updated Nov 26, 2022, 11:17am EST
East Asia

Jin had to tell the BTS ARMY not to visit him while he trains for the Korean army


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The News

After the details of BTS member Jin's military enlistment were published online, the K-pop star was forced to tell the group's fans — known as the ARMY — that "you can't come to the training center" where he'll be stationed.

BTS's Jin.
Wikimedia Commons/SHAQ Photo
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In a post on the app Weverse, Jin wrote in Korean that it could become "chaotic" and "dangerous" if crowds form at the military center.

Multiple publications, citing military insiders, reported that Jin will be stationed at a recruit training center beginning Dec. 13. In his post, the singer noted that he didn't want the news to come out.

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Step Back

South Korea requires all men to enlist in the nation's army the time they turn 30. Jin, whose full name is Kim Seok-jin, is the oldest member of BTS and turns 30 on Dec. 4.

BTS's label announced in October that the band's seven members would enlist in the South Korean army, ending months of speculation over whether the world's biggest boy band would have to do two years of compulsory service.

The label told the BTS fans that the band would reconvene "as a group again around 2025."

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