Updated Nov 26, 2022, 11:16am EST

Agatha Christie’s classic play ‘The Mousetrap’ heading for Broadway


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The world’s longest-running play, Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, is finally headed for its Broadway debut.

A neon sign advertising the 59th anniversary of The Mousetrap hangs above St. Martin's Theatre in London.
Wikimedia Commons/Brian Gillman

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The show’s Broadway run was announced as The Mousetrap celebrates its 70th anniversary Friday. The show debuted in London in 1952 and has recorded around 29,000 performances.

Christie’s murder mystery has been performed in the U.S. before, but has never hit the stage in New York City. The show will be co-produced by Adam Spiegel, who produces the U.K. performances, and Kevin McCollum, a U.S. producer.

The venue, premiere date, and casting have yet to be announced.

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In 2011, a telegram from English playwright Noel Coward in 1957 congratulating Christie on the play’s long run was unearthed in a bureau belonging to the crime author, the BBC reports.

The telegram reads: “Dear Agatha Christie, much as it pains me I really must congratulate you on The Mousetrap breaking the long run record. All my good wishes, Noel Coward.”

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