Jenna Moon
Jenna Moon
Updated Nov 26, 2022, 11:13am EST
Middle East

Japan’s soccer fans cleaned up trash in the World Cup stadium before celebrating their team’s win over Germany

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The Photos

Japan's soccer fans are going viral online after they stuck around to clean up the stadium in Doha following their team's 2-1 men's World Cup win over Germany on Wednesday.

Carrying blue garbage bags, the fans delayed their celebrations and instead tidied up the areas around their seats. In one video, fans from higher rows were seen passing trash down to others holding garbage bags below.

Fans also passed out trash bags to others without one.

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The fans were lauded on Twitter for their actions. "That is respect, and a beautiful thing," one Twitter user wrote.

The BBC reports that Japanese fans did the same on Sunday, following the men's World Cup opening game between Qatar and Ecuador, despite Japan's team not playing.

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