Updated Nov 9, 2022, 12:48pm EST
North America

Newspapers in most parts of the world show disinterest in US elections

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The News

As the U.S. anxiously waits to determine which political party will gain control of Congress, the world’s media watched Tuesday’s election races with some curiosity, though most coverage appeared to be overshadowed by the COP27 climate summit, the war in Ukraine, and Meta’s announcement to lay off hundreds of employees.

La Repubblica

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Know More

Several major European papers like The Guardian, Le Monde, and La Repubblica have covered the midterm elections closely –– some even launching live blogs –– though there was noticeably little to no coverage of the U.S. races in papers across Asia and in Africa.

Here’s a look at how some international media outlets covered the Tuesday elections so far.

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The View From Germany

Bild: “The greatest winner is Trump’s greatest enemy”


Though not making the top of the site’s homepage or the world section, German tabloid Bild’s coverage of the midterm elections delves into the biggest surprises from Tuesday evening –– including Republican disappointment of not achieving a “red tsunami.” The report also highlights Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ win in the state, and what that might mean for Donald Trump if the two were to run as party rivals in the 2024 presidential elections.

A screenshot from German tabloid Bild


“For those in the party and at grassroots level who are fed up with Trump’s antics but want a candidate with Trumpian content, a real alternative is coming up. Ronald instead of Donald. One like Trump, but without his political and legal baggage.”

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The View From Russia

TASS: “Medvedev skewers midterms, Ukraine’s ‘green’ leader: Global support for US course dying”

Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s former president and current deputy chairman of the security council, told Russian state news agency TASS that results from the midterm elections so far show that “global support for the United States’ policy course is on the decline.”


On his Telegram, Medvedev posted an illustration of a blue pig flying over the world, supported by balloons with the colors of national flags from other Western countries.

A screenshot from TASS, Russia's state news agency


“...grandpa Biden is slipping away, global support for US policy is on the decline, and betting on a ‘stoned hetman’ was a huge mistake,” Dmitry Medvedev wrote on his Telegram channel on Wednesday.

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The View From Mexico

Milenio: U.S. Midterm election results | Latest news

As one of Mexico’s biggest papers, Grupo Milenio followed the midterms closely, launching a live blog detailing the results. The outlet also published a series of explainers on DeSantis and highlighted the young and LGBTQ candidates who won their races.

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The View From Australia

The Australian: “Trickle treat for Biden as red wave withers”

In Australia’s most widely circulated broadsheet, reporter Adam Creighton described the anticipated “red wave” as more of a ripple, saying that Republicans, especially Trump, “face humiliation” as Republican ambitions to take hold of Congress “appear to be in tatters.”

A screenshot from The Australian, the country's national newspaper
The Australian
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The View From India

Hindustan Times: “Do voters want Joe Biden to run for president again? Exit poll says ‘not really’.”

Dehli-based English-language newspaper Hindustan Times published its latest story on the midterms just minutes before midnight on Tuesday. The piece leads with Biden “not having the best time” as midterm results roll in, and largely draws on a CNN poll showing that two-thirds of voters do not want Biden to run for reelection in 2024.

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The View From Spain

El Mundo: “What if the referendum is about Trump?”

Similar to the leading story from Bild, Gina Montaner’s column in El Mundo, the second largest daily newspaper in Spain, examined how the outcome of the election may be more about Trump’s potential rivalry with DeSantis going into 2024.

El Mundo


“DeSantis is emerging as one of the biggest threat [against the Democrats] who are wondering who the real rising star is,” Montaner wrote.