Sep 7, 2023, 9:05am EDT
Middle East

Rescuers rush to save US scientist trapped in Turkish cave

Dispatched teams planning to rescue Mark Dickey
European Cave Rescue Association

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Rescuers are racing to save a 40-year-old U.S. scientist who is trapped more than 3,000 feet down a deep cave in southern Turkey.

Mark Dickey, a trained speleologist, fell ill during an expedition in Morca cave and is suffering from gastrointestinal bleeding, according to the European Cave Rescue Association.

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Dickey is an instructor at the National Cave Rescue Commission and has been described as a cave rescuer himself, but he is reportedly unable to leave the cave on his own.

Rescue teams from Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Croatia, and Poland, have been dispatched to save Dickey, who will likely be lifted from the cave starting this weekend. The mission will supposedly take several days.

The volunteer Hungarian Cave Rescue Service was the first to arrive at the scene and provided emergency blood transfusions to Dickey to stabilize his condition in the meantime.