Aug 23, 2023, 6:52am EDT

New Yorkers reject migrants


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It’s a tough message from a city and state defined by immigration: The New York pollster Siena found that 82% of the state’s registered voters consider the recent wave of migrants to the state a serious problem, and that 58% say New Yorkers have “have already done enough.”

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The policy questions are intractable: Local officials want work visas, but the federal government doesn’t want to encourage desperate journeys north. And the political stakes are high: “Migration is shaping up to replace crime as the central issue in the New York State suburbs that could determine control of the House of Representatives in 2024,” Kadia Goba wrote last month.

Who’s to blame? Forty-seven percent of voters surveyed disapproved of how Mayor Eric Adams is handling the situation; 51% disapproved of Governor Kathy Hochul’s efforts; and 59% disapproved of the Biden administration’s reaction.