Updated Aug 7, 2023, 10:57am EDT

Clean energy is booming. We’re about to waste almost all of it.

One year ago, the US Senate approved a historic investment in climate action. Turns out money was the easy part.


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The Agenda

One year since the U.S. passed the Inflation Reduction Act, the most ambitious climate bill in the country’s history, clean energy is booming. Especially in Texas — which might come a surprise given the crucial role the oil industry plays in the state.

But Texas also tells the future about where we’re headed. The world is not moving fast enough: if the the US doesn’t dramatically speed up, it will miss its climate goals.

And even if the government makes building energy transition projects easier in the rest of the country, the experience in Texas can be sobering. The backlash has just begun. Every single energy transition project will be in somebody’s backyard or in their farmland, and there’s a massive fight playing out.

Our newest episode of the Agenda dives deep on Texas, where our clean energy transition future is already playing out. Watch the full video on our YouTube channel, and you can click here to subscribe so you don’t miss the next one.



Semafor’s Tim McDonnell writes about the latest in how permitting reform is progressing here. In short: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has made some changes attempting to clear its long backlog of “grid hookup” requests, but there’s been little movement on larger issues.