Updated Aug 2, 2023, 4:19pm EDT
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Capitol Police say no active shooter inside Senate buildings after ‘bogus’ 911 call

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REUTERS/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

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U.S. Capitol Police said Wednesday that a report of an active shooter inside the Senate office buildings stemmed from a hoax 911 call.

“I think at this point we can say that we found no confirmation that there was an active shooter, and this may have been a bogus call,” Capitol Police chief J. Thomas Manger told reporters.

The U.S. Russell Senate Office Building had been evacuated following unconfirmed reports of an active shooter, with the other two office buildings being put on lockdown. All buildings have now been cleared but have not been reopened, police said.

Officers were searching in and around the Senate office buildings “in response to a concerning 911 call,” police said earlier, adding that they did not have “any confirmed reports of gunshots.”

A Capitol Police officer told Semafor that the 911 call was “possibly a hoax.”