Updated Jun 22, 2023, 12:12am EDT

Marjorie Taylor Greene explains why she called Lauren Boebert a ‘little b***’

Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga. isn’t backing down after calling Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo. a “little bitch” to her face on the House floor Wednesday during a fight over their dueling efforts to impeach President Joe Biden.

Asked whether there was any chance the two would reconcile after the confrontation, Greene said: “Absolutely not.”

“She has genuinely been a nasty little bitch to me,” Greene told Semafor. (Their fight was first reported by The Daily Beast.)

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Greene acknowledged that the feud between the two hard-right stars has been sizzling since the last Congress. She said Wednesday’s explosive fight began over public comments she made earlier that day, effectively accusing Boebert of trying to hijack her own efforts to impeach the president.

Greene introduced impeachment articles against Biden as early as January 2021 and then again this May. Boebert put forward her own impeachment articles more recently but has been trying to force an immediate vote on them by turning them into a so-called “privileged resolution” that can go straight to the floor.


Speaking to reporters Wednesday morning, Greene said that Boebert had “basically copied my articles,” then tried to leapfrog her. Later in the afternoon, she says Boebert confronted her about what she’d said to the press.

“I was sitting down, and so I stood up and I said, ‘I’m happy to clarify my public statements to your face,’” she told Semafor. “I told her exactly what I think about her.”

Greene said she told Boebert she was upset that the Colorado lawmaker had decided to imitate rather than support her own impeachment effort.

“It’s purely for fundraising,” she told Semafor. “It’s throwing out red meat so that people will donate to her campaign because she’s coming up on the end of the month, and she’s trying to produce good fundraising numbers.”

Greene said that at one point in the fight, parts of which were caught from afar on video, Boebert accused the Georgia lawmaker of accidentally spitting on her lip. Then, toward the end of the exchange, Boebert tried to re-engage her, but she cut the conversation off. “I said ‘you need to shut up because the only person that’s recognized to speak right now is Luna,’” she told Semafor, referring to Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla., who was then giving a speech on the floor.

Boebert did not respond to a request for comment. Her impeachment drive suffered a setback Wednesday, however, when House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told reporters he would refer her resolution to the House Judiciary Committee, meaning it won’t see an immediate vote.