Updated Jun 13, 2023, 11:47am EDT
North America

Cisco CEO slams China tech tariffs as ‘illogical’

Kristoffer Tripplaar

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Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins criticized the U.S. for not removing tech tariffs against China, saying the country is crucial for providing certain components that drive the U.S. tech economy.

Speaking to Semafor’s Steve Clemons at a Principals Live Interview on Tuesday, Robbins said that because of the tariffs imposed on components sourced from China, he had suggested moving manufacturing to Mexico during a discussion with U.S. trade representatives. He said that despite the fact that they told him not, they didn’t remove the tariffs.

“That’s just illogical and [the tarrifs] still exist today,” Robbins said, adding that the Biden administration has so far not undone the tariffs imposed by the Trump government.

Robbins said that while some companies had received exemptions around tariffs imposed against China, Cisco had not.

Here’s the full interview: