Updated Jun 13, 2023, 11:16am EDT
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Cisco’s CEO is worried about unethical AI

Chuck Robbins
Kristoffer Tripplaar

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Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins warned that unethical AI poses a significant security risk as the technology exponentially develops.

“The same AI that I’m telling you how we’re going to use it to protect people more effectively, the bad people are going to use it to attack us more effectively,” Robbins told Semafor’s Steve Clemons during a Principals Live Interview on Tuesday.

“The market will determine if you’re just talking about AI because you’re trying to ride the wave or if you have a real meaningful role to play or meaningful use cases you’re going to deploy,” he said.

Robbins added that AI does not just pose a security risk but also an economic one to workers, saying that the U.S. needs to reform labor and immigration practices if the country wants to maintain a sector that is not heavily reliant on AI for things like automation.

Here’s the full interview: