J.D. Capelouto
J.D. Capelouto
Updated Mar 17, 2023, 10:49am EDT
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Hunter Biden countersues laptop repair shop owner

Hunter Biden arrives at at Hancock Field Air National Guard Base after disembarking from Air Force One with his father.
REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz

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The News

The president's son Hunter Biden filed a counterclaim on Friday against the owner of the computer repair shop who said Biden dropped off his laptop years ago and never returned.

Data purported to be from that laptop, including emails and photos, later surfaced in the weeks before the 2020 election, turning into a years-long political firestorm. Congressional Republicans have pledged to investigate Biden.

In a counterclaim filed in Delaware District Court, Biden claims shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac invaded his privacy and didn't have the right to copy his data, according to court documents.

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Step Back

The original suit was filed last year by Mac Isaac, who claimed Biden defamed him by accusing him of illegally copying the information on the laptop. The repair shop owner claims he was the rightful owner of the device since Biden never returned for it.

The suit also accuses Mac Isaac of conspiring to invade Biden's privacy by disseminating copies of the laptop's data to others, including a lawyer for Rudy Giuliani. The New York Post published an article about the information on the laptop weeks before the 2020 election.

"From whatever the source, the material he then provided to others included photos of Mr. Biden using drugs, without clothes, and involved in intimate relations with other adults," Biden's countersuit states.

Mac Isaac published a book in 2022 about the experience.