Updated Jan 29, 2023, 6:41pm EST
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Andrew Cuomo says MeToo was “weaponized” against him


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Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a new interview that he was treated unfairly not just by New York Democrats but by President Joe Biden.

“How do you say, ‘You should resign but I haven’t read the report?’” Cuomo asked, referring to Biden’s response to a report on sexual harassment allegations in an interview with The Arthur Aidala Power Hour, which will air this week on New York’s AM970. “Because, especially on the Democratic side there is such energy behind the politics on the quote-unquote #MeToo movement.”

“You can also weaponize and politicize what is a good thing,” he said of MeToo, “and that’s what has happened in a lot of cases, where now you use the allegation to basically condemn someone.”

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Cuomo, who resigned in the summer of 2021, has struggled to find a political base since his ouster, facing hostility both from the state’s left-leaning Democratic majority and from New York Republicans.

But New York’s quirky local radio scene, with hosts ranging from former Rep. Anthony Weiner to Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa, is a more hospitable environment for the former governor. His latest interview is with a high-profile local lawyer whose clients include the disgraced mogul Harvey Weinstein and former mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Aidala told Cuomo he considered his forced resignation a “hit job,” and Cuomo told the lawyer: “I am at peace, or as at peace as I can be.”